I feel really icky right now I’m gonna sleep


Selfies from April to mid July, look at how much my hair has grown.


just having a great time with my cat :) haha he loves me <3 


just having a great time with my cat :) haha he loves me <3 


stop throwing teenage and single moms under the bus in order to bring your accomplishments as a woman into focus

stop using them/us as the example of what not to be or do


be nice to fat girls

almost everything I’ve reblogged for the past month to the gay blog beans and I have has been skeletons and bleus been posting cute romantic stuff I’m just a certified skeleton fucker okay

finally ordering my laptop!! wahh I’m so excited

cat-in-windows:(via @emanuele_grassi | Websta)

I keep giving myself headaches from blogging with my glasses on bc I am a a Fool



oldbore replied to your post:

oop sorry caps lock. what is this

I was trying to find his voice actors name and I thought I had clicked onto wikipedia but it was a httyd wiki and this Appeared


I am so sick of heterosexuals thinking I give a fuck about their shitty opinions on queer issues

I found this jacket in the attic that I look killer in and I asked my mom if I could have it but she said no even tho she never wears it and I know for a fact she can not possibly fit into it basically I’m too punk rock for this and I’m probably gonna take it bc she’s abusive and doesn’t deserve it like I do